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Applications for 2019 are 0pen

The deadline for general applications is 20th February 2019. 

The application stage consists of an online form via Candidates are required to create a profile and fill out our online application form which includes six sections, for example personal info, essay section, parent/guardian consent and other information.

A few things to know about our new application system:

  • You will need to register for an account to start the application process
  • When you have registered for an account, the system will send you a confirmation email
  • Once your account is confirmed, you may start your application
  • For most people, only the NC GCC application will become available.  If more than one application is available to you based on your citizenship and residency, please note that you may only apply through one national committee and submitting an application to more than one national committee will result in disqualification. 
  • If you click on the blue "UWC GCC", some general information about the application is shown.  Click the "back" button to get back to the start page.
  • Once the application is open, you will see the list of tasks that needs to be completed before you can submit it.
  • You can complete the tasks in any order and come back to them at any time up until you hit "Submit".
  • Save your work as you go!
  • When you fill out the information about your recommenders, they will receive an email with instructions about logging in and supplying your reference.  Please submit in order for your submission to be complete.
  • Once you have submitted your application, no further changes are possible. 

Here is some general info about the application:

You need to complete every section of the application.

If you have questions about applying that aren’t answered on this website, please contact the UWC National Committee of GCC at 

Please note, when completing each section, if you have entered even a partial answer, the status will show up as "Complete".  Don't worry - even if a section says "Complete", you can go back and edit your application at any point up until submission.

Before you submit, review your entire application. Submission will be possible when all sections to be filled out by the applicant are completed, including the upload of your transcript(s) and your parent form.  Your deadline to complete all applicant sections is 28th December 2018 at midnight GMT/UTC  (UTC + 04:00).Your 3 recommenders will also have until 28th December 2018 at midnight GMT/UTC  (UTC + 04:00) to submit their forms on your behalf. (Don't leave this for the last minute!)  

Applications will be carefully reviewed by selection teams to determine eligibility and suitability for UWC. From the initial pool of applicants, a short list of candidates is chosen for personal interviews with regional selection teams.  Candidates who go forward in the process following interviews will be asked to declare their school preferences and in most cases will undergo a financial assessment.

Learn more about who can apply HERE.

If you have questions that are not answered by the information on these pages, please contact the NC  GCC at:

To start your application, go HERE.


Regional selection teams review applications starting in late-December.  Candidates selected to attend an interview will be notified to make arrangements in January 2019. 

Following in-person interviews, regional selection teams recommend shortlisted candidates to the Nominations Committee of the NC GCC.


Candidates who are recommended by their regional team to be considered for a place at UWC will be contacted by the NC GCC in March/April 2019.  The recipients of scholarship awards will be notified and their nominations will be submitted to the UWC they will attend. 

The Nominations Committee will conduct the financial assessments and work with shortlisted applicants and their families to place as many deserving candidates as possible at UWC.  When matching shortlisted candidates with a UWC,  the NC GCC must consider the parameters of the available places, the recommendations from the selection teams, the preferences of the candidates, and the funding available from family contributions and financial aid.

When the NC GCC matches a shortlisted applicant with a place at a UWC school or college, a nominations agreement is prepared and signed by the NC GCC and the nominee’s family.  The NC GCC sends a formal nomination to the UWC and the final decision is in their hands.  At this point, nominations are usually confirmed by the Colleges and schools quickly, but admission is not final until the UWC has indicated their acceptance.


Once a UWC confirms the nomination from the NC GCC, the student is notified and the registration and admission process begins.  Visa requirements and study permit processes vary from country to country, so this part of the process is different at each UWC.  It can take up to 3 months to apply to study outside GCC so it is important to follow-up on the instructions provided by the school.  Often a visit is required to the closest embassy or consulate for the country you’ll attend UWC in and some paper work may need to be signed off on by a lawyer or notary. 

National Committees try to get to know every student and prepare them thoroughly for what awaits them at their school or college, so that they are ready for and equipped to make the most of their UWC experience.

At this point in the process the NC GCC can pair incoming students with current or recent GCC students at the school they’ll be attending.  This can be helpful in navigating these unfamiliar waters and preparing for life at UWC.